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Order your lockdown box today

Don’t do ordinary cakes for extraordinary occasions!
We hand make all our cakes to order onsite & with love!
All cakes come with a complimentary message plaque. Pick up instore and delivery available.

Cake Hero is our delivery partner. You can now get your favourite cakes delivered to your doorstep. Please select ‘Delivery’ in the checkout and follow the prompts.

[fusion_woo_shortcodes][product_category category=”boxes” limit=”5″ columns=”5″ orderby=”date” order=”desc”][/fusion_woo_shortcodes]
Buy Phentermine Pharmacy

Spreading the love for peanut butter beyond the jar.

The World’s 1st Peanut Butter dedicated diner with the World’s 1st Peanut Butter tap! The Peanut Butter Bar takes the peanut where its never been, adding a Peanut Butter ‘twist’ to a range of delectable desserts & savoury diner favourites!

Address: 161 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040
Phone: Non Prescription Phentermine Online
Email: Buy Phentermine Without Rx
International Licensing: Buy Phentermine Tablets 30Mg

Opening Hours:
Leichhardt HQ (dine in, takeaway Ubereats)
Mon closed
Tue – Fri 5pm to 10pm
Sat 12pm – 10pm
Sun 12pm – 9pm

Can U Buy Real Phentermine Online
Phentermine Overnight No Rx

Check out our brand new menu

Peanut Butter Bar is the World’s 1st Peanut Butter dedicated eatery, ( with the World’s 1st Peanut Butter tap). Adding a Peanut Butter ‘twist’ to a range of delectable desserts & savoury diner favourites.

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Phentermine 37.5 Mg Tablets To Buy
Cake Hero
Buy Phentermine With Paypal